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Books: Automated Continuous Process Control
Smith C.A., 2002

This textbook explains the practical design and operation of process control systems for engineer and technicians. Smith (University of South Florida) covers the tuning of feedback and cascade control…

Books: Introductory Treatise on Lie's Theory of Finite Continuous Transformation Groups
Campbell J.E., 1903

Introductory Treatise on Lie's Theory of Finite Continuous Transformation Groups

Books: Continuous martingales and Brownian motion
Revuz D., Yor M., 1999

From the reviews: "This is a magnificent book! Its purpose is to describe in considerable detail a variety of techniques used by probabilists in the investigation of problems concerning Brownian motio…

Books: Abstract harmonic analysis of continuous wavelet transforms
Fuhr H., 2005

This volume contains a systematic discussion of wavelet-type inversion formulae based on group representations, and their close connection to the Plancherel formula for locally compact groups. The con…

Books: Evolution of spontaneous structures in dissipative continuous systems
Busse F.H. (ed.), Mueller S.C. (ed.), 1998

This collection of articles forms a cohesive text on the rapidly evolving field of nonlinear dynamics of continous systems. It addresses researchers but it can also be used as a text for graduate work…

Books: Continuous groups of transformations
Eisenhart L.P., 1961

Continuous groups of transformations
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