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Books: Self-learning control of finite Markov chains
Poznyak A.S., Najim K., Gomez-Ramirez E., 2002

This rigorously focused referenc

Books: Automated Continuous Process Control
Smith C.A., 2002

This textbook explains the practical design and operation of process control systems for engineer and technicians. Smith (University of South Florida) covers the tuning of feedback and cascade control…

Books: Geometric, control and numerical aspects of nonholonomic systems
Cortes Monforte J., 2002

Nonholonomic systems are a widespread topic in several scientific and commercial domains, including robotics, locomotion and space exploration. This work sheds new light on this interdisciplinary char…

Books: Optimal feedback control of spatial xenon oscillations in a nuclear reactor
Wiberg D.M., 1965

Optimal feedback control of spatial xenon oscillations in a nuclear reactor

Books: Adaptive control design and analysis
Tao G., 2003

Perceiving a need for a systematic and unified understanding of adaptive control theory, electrical engineer Tao presents and analyzes common design approaches with the aim of covering the fundamental…

Books: Introduction to Logistics Systems Planning and Control
Ghiani G., Laporte G., Musmanno R., 2004

Ghiani (Department of Innovation Engineering, University of Lecce, Italy) explains the quantitative methods necessary for logistics systems management at a level suitable for undergraduate and graduat…
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