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Books: Relativity, thermodynamics, and cosmology
Tolman R.C., 1934

This landmark study by a distinguished physicist develops three important themes: a coherent and inclusive account of Einstein’s theory of relativity; the extension of thermodynamics to special and ge…

Books: General relativity and cosmology for undergraduates
Norbury J.W., 1997

Many of the modern ideas in cosmology can be explained without the needto discuss General Relativity. The present chapter represents an attempt to do this based entirely on Newtonian mechanics. The eq…

Books: Particle physics and inflationary cosmology
Linde A., 2004

This volume is a complete and systematic monograph on inflationary cosmology and cosmological phase transitions. Dr. Linde, a primary developer of these theories, offers a thorough investigation of mo…

Books: Generation of density perturbations in inflationary cosmology
Kofman L.A., Linde A.D., 1986

Generation of density perturbations in inflationary cosmology

Books: Cosmology for string theorists, a crash course
Garcia-Bellido J., 2002

Cosmology for string theorists, a crash course

Books: Mathematical and quantum aspects of relativity and cosmology
Cotsakis S. (ed.), Gibbons G.W. (ed.), 2000

This book is written in a pedagogical style intelligible for graduate students. It reviews recent progress in black-hole and wormhole theory and in mathematical cosmology within the framework of Einst…
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