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A computer database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system. A database relies upon software to organize the storage of data. In other words, the software models the database structure in what are known as database models (or data models). The model in most common use today is the relational model. Other models such as the hierarchical model and the network model use a more explicit representation of relationships (see below for explanation of the various database models).

Database management systems are usually categorized according to the database model that they support. The data model tends to determine the query languages that are available to access the database. A great deal of the internal engineering of a DBMS, however, is independent of the data model, and is concerned with managing factors such as performance, concurrency, integrity, and recovery from hardware failures. In these areas there are large differences between products.

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Books: MySQL/PHP Database Applications
Bulger B., Greenspan J., Wall D., 2003

This guide explains how to write web-based applications with PHP and MySQL and get data-driven web sites up and running, then walks through a sample guest book, survey, content management system, disc…

Books: Database Management Systems
Ramakrishnan Raghu, Gehrke Johannes, 2000

Database Management Systems provides comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the fundamentals of database systems. Coherent explanations and practical examples have made this one of the leading texts…

Books: Principles of database systems
Ullman J.D., 1982

This book is developed from notes I used in a course at Princeton that attempted to bring database systems into the mainstream of computer science. The course was taught to a mix of seniors and first-…

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Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide - APress

Books: The Definitive Guide to db4o - APress

To satisfy the demand for 24/7 information access, applications available in airport and conference kiosks, and in the mobile, gaming, and medical industries, provide consumers data access wherever th…

Books: Beginning Database Design

The perfect reference for programmers, administrators, or Web designers who are new to database development and are uncertain as to how to design and structure a database efficiently Shows how to desi…


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