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Books: Elephants Can Remember
Agatha Christie, 1972

t a literary luncheon, the celebrated author Ariadne Oliver is asked a blunt question by a complete stranger: Mrs. Burton-Cox. Mrs. Burton-Cox’s son is considering marriage to one of Mrs. Oliver’s god…

Books: Endless Night
Agatha Christie, 1967

Ambitious young Michael Rogers - the narrator of the story - falls in love with Fenella Guteman (Ellie) the first time he sets eyes on her on the mysterious yet scenic 'Gipsy's Acre', complete with it…

Books: Evil Under the Sun
Agatha Christie, 1941

A quiet holiday at a secluded hotel in Cornwall is all that Hercule Poirot wants, but amongst his fellow guests is a beautiful and vain woman who, seemingly oblivious to her own husband’s feelings, re…

Books: Five Little Pigs
Agatha Christie, 1942

Sixteen years after a woman has been convicted of the murder of her husband, her daughter, Carla Lemarchant, approaches Poirot to investigate the case. Poirot embarks optimistically upon an unpreceden…

Books: Halloween Party
Agatha Christie, 2008

Agatha Christie detective

Books: Hercule Poirot's Christmas
Agatha Christie, 1938

When multi-millionaire Simeon Lee unexpectedly invites his family to gather at his home for Christmas, the gesture is met with suspicion by many of the guests. Simeon is not given to family sentiment,…


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