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Books: New developments in high temperature superconductivity
Klamut J., Veal B.W., Dabrowski B.M., 1998

This volume presents the latest developments in the field of hightemperature superconductivity. It focusses on microscope description,physical properties, and materials and applications. The talkspres…

Books: Developments in the theory of turbulence
Leslie D.C., 1973

Aim in writing this book has been to make these developments accessible to a wider circle of people, and to encourage more research workers to take up this difficult but interesting and rewarding subj…

Books: New developments in quantum field theory
Damgaard P.H. (ed.), Jurkiewicz J. (ed.), 2002

New developments in quantum field theory

Books: Black Hole Physics: Basic Concepts and New Developments
Frolov V.P., Novikov I.D., 1997

The present work covers practically all aspects of black hole physics and its astrophysical applications. Among the topics treated in depth are: space-time of stationary black holes, general theory of…

Books: New developments in the theory of knots
Kohno T., 1990

New developments in the theory of knots

Books: Resent developments in gravitation
Levy M., Deser S., 1978

Resent developments in gravitation
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