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Books: Scientific Computing and Differential Equations : An Introduction to Numerical Methods
Golub G.H., Ortega J.M., 1992

Scientific Computing and Differential Equations: An Introduction to Numerical Methods, is an excellent complement to Introduction to Numerical Methods by Ortega and Poole. The book emphasizes the impo…

Books: Rings of differential operators
Björk J.-E., 1979

Rings of differential operators

Books: Asymptotic Treatment of Differential Equations
Georgescu A., 1995

The main definitions and results of asymptotic analysis and thetheory of regular and singular perturbations are summarized in this book. They are applied to the asymptotic study of several mathematica…

Books: Lectures on Partial Differential Equations
Arnold V., 2004

Like all of Vladimir Arnold's books, this book is full of geometricinsight. Arnold illustrates every principle with a figure. This bookaims to cover the most basic parts of the subject and confines it…

Books: Ordinary Differential Equations
Arnold V.I., 1978

There are dozens of books on ODEs, but none with the elegant geometric insight of Arnol'd's book. Arnol'd puts a clear emphasis on the qualitative and geometric properties of ODEs and their solutions,…

Books: Advanced Calculus: A Differential Forms Approach
Edwards H., 1969

An outstanding textbook, complete with examples, exercises, and solutions, for an advanced calculus course in which differential forms can be used to introduce the subject. Enriching reading for its m…


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