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Books: Bombay Lectures on Highest Weight Representations of Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras
Kac V.G., Raina A.K., 1987

This book is a collection of a series of lectures given by Prof. V Kac at Tata Institute, India in Dec '85 and Jan '86. These lectures focus on the idea of a highest weight representation, which goes …

Books: Introduction to the technique of dimensional regularization
Leibbrandt G., 1975

The purpose of this review article is to explain and illustrate in detail the technique of dimensional regularization, which is a major mathematical tool in the renormalization program of gauge theori…

Books: Solitons : Differential equations, symmetries and infinite dimensional algebras
Miwa T., Jimbo M., Date E., 2000

This book investigates the high degree of symmetry that lies hidden in integrable systems. To that end, differential equations arising from classical mechanics, such as the KdV equation and the KP equ…

Books: Two dimensional quantum gravity and random surfaces
Gross D.J. (ed.), Piran T. (ed.), Weinberg S. (ed.), 1992

Two dimensional quantum gravity and random surfaces

Books: Similarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics
Sedov L., 1993

Similiarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics, 10th Edition is an English language translation of this classic volume examining the general theory of dimensions of physical quantities, the theory o…

Books: Infinite dimensional Lie algebras: an introduction
Kac V.G., 1984

This is the third, substantially revised edition of this important monograph by a giant in the field of mathematics. The book is concerned with Kac-Moody algebras, a particular class of infinite-dimen…
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