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Books: Franchising'Licensing: Two Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business in Any Economy

For well over a decade,

Books: Options Demystified - A Self-Teaching Guide - McGraw-Hill

Do you want to learn how to use options without getting lost in confusing theories and complicated math?

Books: Go It Alone The Secret To Building A Successful Business On Your Own First

This engaging, if optimistic, primer insists that you don’t need much capital, or much risk-taking, to start a business. Indeed, according to Yale School of Management professor Judso…

Books: Managing Agile Projects

Agile methods promise to infuse development with unprecedented flexibility, speed, and value—and these promises are attracting IT organizations worldwide. However, agile methods often…

Books: Incorporate Your Business When to Do It and How

A guide to incorporation for small business owners Incorporation has many advantages for small business owners, but it isn¿t necessarily appropriate for everyone. Incorporate Your Business is …

Books: Blue Ocean Strategy - Harvard Business School Press

Kim and Mauborgne's blue ocean metaphor elegantly summarizes their vision of the kind of expanding, competitor-free markets that innovative companies can navigate. Unlike red oceans, which are well ex…


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