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Books: Cosmic strings and domain walls
Vilenkin A., 1985

Phase transitions in the early universe can give rise to macroscopic topological defects: vacuum domain walls, strings, walls bounded by strings, and monopoles connected by strings. This article revie…

Books: The IMS : IP Multimedia Concepts and Services in the Mobile Domain
Poikselka Miikka, Mayer Georg, Khartabil Hisham, 2004

We have telephony to talk to each other, messaging to dispatch mail or instant messages, browsing to read published content and search engines to locate content sites. However, current mobile networks…

Books: Domain Architectures
Duffy Daniel J., 2004

Domain Architectures is a comprehensive catalog of the domain architectures essential to software developers using object-oriented technology and UML to solve real-life problems. Providing a unique to…

Books: The finite difference time domain method for electromagnetics
Kunz K. S., Luebbers R. J., 1993

Provides the basic information necessary to apply FDTD to problems in electromagnetics, and illustrates some of the types of problems that can be analyzed using it. DLC: Electromagnetic fields- Mathem…

Books: Ordinary Differential Equations in the complex domain
Hille E., 1976

Ordinary Differential Equations in the complex domain

Books: Linear Differential Equations in the Complex Domain: Problems of Analytic Continuation
Sibuya Y., 1990

Research in differential equations is usually oriented toward explicit results and motivated by applications. Many clever methods have been discovered in this way, but, when problems of more fundament…


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