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Books: Monte Carlo methods
Malvin H. Kalos, Paula A. Whitlock, 1986

This introduction to Monte Carlo Methods seeks to identify and study the unifying elements that underlie their effective application. It focuses on two basic themes. The first is the importance of ran…

Books: Decision making using game theory: an introduction for managers
Anthony Kelly, 2003

Game theory is a key element in most decision making processes involving two or more people or organizations. This book explains how game theory can predict the outcome of complex decision making proc…

Books: All About Stocks
Esme E. Faerber, 2007

Everything an investor needs to know about stocks from trading on the Internet to exploring mutual funds

Books: The Economics of Exchange Rates
Lucio Sarno, Mark P. Taylor, Jeffery A. Frankel, 2003

This book is a survey of exchange-rate economics. Using the latest econometric techniques, it covers the main theories that explain the determination of exchange rates and utilizes recent empirical da…

Books: Mathematical Economics and Finance
Harrison M., Waldron P., 1998

Mathematical Economics and Finance

Books: Ten principles of economics

Ten principles of economics


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