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Books: Semilocal and electroweak strings
Ana Achud Carro, Tanmay Vachaspati, 1999

We review a class of non-topological defects in the standard electroweak model, and their implications. Starting with the semilocal string, which provides a counterexample to many well known propertie…

Books: Glashow-weinberg-salam theory of electroweak interactionand the neutral currents
Bilenky S.M., Hosek J., 1982

In the first part of the review we expound in detail the unified theory of weak and electromagnetic interactions of Glashow, Weinberg and Salam In the second part, on the basis of this theory a number…

Books: Electroweak higgs potential and vacuum stability
Sher M., 1989

In electroweak models, radiative corrections to the scalar potential can have significant consequences. In the standard model, they can destabilize the standard model vacuum; the requirement of vacuum…


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