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Books: Java Enterprise Design Patterns: Patterns in Java Volume 3
Grand M., 2002

This third volume from Mark Grand features 38 design patterns for developing real-world Java distributed and enterprise applications. Some of the key concepts covered are reliable transaction processi…

Books: Dynamic Architecture: How to Make Enterprise Architecture a Success
Van den Berg M., 2005

Effective and efficient use of IT is crucial to all organizations. On the one hand, using IT ineffectively throughout an organization will have a detrimental impact on business. On the other hand, the…

Books: Dynamic Enterprise Architecture: How to Make It Work
Wagter Roel, van den Berg Martin, Luijpers Joost, 2005

This book presents an approach to enterprise architecture, which enables corporations to achieve their business objectives faster. Focusing on the governance of IT in the organization, it provides tan…

Books: The enterprise of knowledge
Levi I., 1980

This major work challenges some widely held positions in epistemology - those of Peirce and Popper on the one hand and those of Quine and Kuhn on the other. The author contends that epistemological in…

Books: Implementation Strategies for SAP R/3 in a Multinational Organization
Sankar, Chetan, 2006

"It is important for those in charge of implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to identify and understand the issues they face. Implementation Strategies for SAP R/3 in a Multinatio…

Books: Building Java Enterprise Applications, Vol. 1: Architecture

Building Java Enterprise Applications, Vol. 1: Architecture


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