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Books: Where do we stand on maximum entropy?
Jaynes E.T., 1978

Where do we stand on maximum entropy?

Books: Decoherence and entropy in complex systems
Elze H.-T. (ed.), 2004

The contributions to this volume are based on selected lectures from the first international workshop on decoherence, information, complexity and entropy (DICE). The aim of this volume is to reflect t…

Books: Entropy and its Physical Meaning
Dugdale J.S., 1996

This text presents a comprehensive approach to entropy, recognizing that it is a concept often misunderstood. Beginning with an historical classical viewpoint, a statistical view then follows to give …

Books: Entropy and information theory
Gray R.M., 1990

Entropy and information theory

Books: The minimum entropy production principle
Jaynes E.T., 1980

It seems intuitively reasonable that Gibbs' variational principle determining the conditions of heterogeneous equilibrium can be generalized to nonequilibrium conditions. That is, a nonequilibrium ste…

Books: Maxwell
Leff H.S., Rex A.F., 2003

Over 130 years ago, James Clerk Maxwell introduced his hypothetical 'demon' as a challenge to the scope of the second law of thermodynamics. Fascination with the demon persisted throughout the develop…
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