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Books: The Dirac equation
Thaller B., 1992

The Dirac equation

Books: On the Theory of Shock Waves for an Arbitrary Equation of State
Bethe H., 1942

This report deals with the general conditions for the existence of shock waves in any medium. It includes theorems concerning the relations between the velocities of infinitesimal waves and shock wave…

Books: Parabolic equation methods for electromagnetic wave propagation
Levy M., 2000

This is the first book to present the application of parabolic equation methods to electromagnetic wave propagation. These have become the dominant tool for assessing clear-air and terrain effects on …

Books: Asymptotic Methods for the Fokker-Planck Equation and the Exit Problem in Applications
Grasman J., van Herwaarden O.A., 1999

Asymptotic methods are of great importance for practical applications, especially in dealing with boundary value problems for small stochastic perturbations. This book deals with nonlinear dynamical s…

Books: Almost everything you always wanted to know about the Toda equation
Teschl G., 2001

The present article reviews methods from spectral theory and algebraicgeometry for nding explicit solutions of the Toda equation, namely for the N-soliton solution and quasi-periodic solutions. Along …

Books: The Fokker-Planck equation: methods of solution and applications
Risken H., 1989

This book deals with the derivation of the Fokker-Planck equation, methods of solving it and some of its applications. Various methods such as the simulation method, the eigenfunction expansion, numer…
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