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Books: Equivalence, Invariants and Symmetry
Olver P.J., 1995

This book presents an innovative synthesis of methods used to study the problems of equivalence and symmetry that arise in a variety of mathematical fields and physical applications. It draws on a wid…

Books: Testing Statistical Hypotheses of Equivalence
Wellek S., 2003

Wellek (biostatistics, U. of Heidelberg, Germany) provides numerous solutions to the equivalence testing problems researchers in the medical field encounter as they seek to analyze real data sets. The…

Books: Method of Equivalence and Its Applications
Gardner R.B., 1989

The ideas of Elie Cartan are combined with the tools of Felix Klein and Sophus Lie to present in this book the only detailed treatment of the method of equivalence. An algorithmic description of this …

Books: Equivalence Transformations for Classes of Differential Equations
Lisle I.G., 1992

Equivalence Transformations for Classes of Differential Equations


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