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Books: Error analysis and estimation for the finite volume method with applications to fluid flows
Jasak H., 1996

Error analysis and estimation for the finite volume method with applications to fluid flows

Books: Quasi-likelihood and its application: a general approach to optimal parameter estimation
Heyde C.C., 1997

This is author-approved bcc: Quasi-likelihood is a very generally applicable estimating function based methodology for optimally estimating model parameters in systems subject to random effects. Only …

Books: Fundamentals of statistical signal processing, volume 1: estimation theory
Kay S.M., 1993

This text is geared towards a one-semester graduate-level course instatistical signal processing and estimation theory. The authorbalances technical detail with practical and implementation issues,del…

Books: Applied parameter estimation for chemical engineers
Englezos P., Kalogerakis K., 2001

Provides students and practicing engineers with tools that can be used for the solution of parameter estimation problems. The emphasis is on chemical engineering applications and on systems described …

Books: Bayesian spectrum analysis and parameter estimation
Bretthorst G.L., 1988

It is primarily a research document on the application of probability theory to the parameter estimation problem. The people who will be interested in this material are physicists, economists, and eng…

Books: Stochastic processes. Estimation, optimization and analysis
Najim K., Ikonen E., Daoud A.-K., 2004

For engineers dealing with stochastic processes and for students of automatic control and mechanical and electrical engineering, Najim (INP, Toulouse, France) Enso Ikonen (U. of Oulu, Finland) and Ait…
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