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Books: Cosmology: the origin and evolution of cosmic structure
Coles P., Lucchin F., 2002

Using an extremely accessible approach, the authors present a fascinating look at how cosmic structures, such as galaxies and clusters, began and evolved. After introducing readers to the simplest cos…

Books: Dirac Structures and Integrability of Nonlinear Evolution Equations
Dorfman I., 1993

An introduction to the area for non-specialists with an original approach to the mathematical basis of one of the hottest research topics in nonlinear science. Deals with specific aspects of Hamiltoni…

Books: Genetic algorithms + data structures = evolution programs
Michalewicz Z., 1996

Zbigniew Michalewicz's Genetic Algorithms + Data Structures = Evolution Programs has three sections. The first section is a straightforward introduction to genetic algorithms. In the second section, M…

Books: One-Parameter Semigroups for Linear Evolution Equations (preliminary version of 10 September 1998)
Engel K.-J., Nagel R., 1998

This book gives an up-to-date account of the theory of strongly continuous one-parameter semigroups of linear operators. It includes a systematic discussion of the spectral theory and the long-term be…

Books: Thin films materials. Stress, defect formation and surface evolution
Freund L.B., Suresh S., 2003

Thin Film Materials will prove a valuable resource. It contains a wealth of useful references and good indexes. It is richly illustrated, and there are good exercises after each chapter. For a graduat…

Books: Data analysis in molecular biology and evolution
Xia X., 2002

Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution introduces biologists to DAMBE, a proprietary, user-friendly computer program for molecular data analysis. The unique combination of this book and soft…


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