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Books: Gene Avatars: Neo-Darwinian Theory of Evolution
Gouyon P.-H., Henry J.-P., Arnould J., 2002

"Why life?" Questions of this type were for a long time the prerogative of philosophers who left the "how" question to scientists. Nowadays, Darwin's epigones no longer have any qualms about addressin…

Books: Unix filesystems: evolution, design, and implementation
Pate S.D., 2003

The first of its kind to cover all versions of UNIX and Linux file-systems. Uses both VERITAS and OpenVision systems examples and most importantly, providing a working Linux filesystem with which the …

Books: Physical approaches to biological evolution
Volkenstein M.V., 1994

This book presents a lucid account of physical and mathematical approaches to the fundamental problems of evolutionary biology. The first part treats the interrelations of physics and biology, critici…

Books: The phenomenon of science. A cybernetic approach to human evolution
TurchinV.F., 1977

VALENTIN TURCHIN presents in The Phenomenon of Science an evolutionary scheme of the universe—one that begins on the level of individual atoms and molecules, continues through the origin of life and t…

Books: Die evolution der physik
Einstein A., Infeld L., 1987

Die evolution der physik

Books: Evolution of random search trees
Mahmoud H.M., 1992

While several excellent books have been written on algorithms and their analysis, remarkably few have been dedicated to the probabilistic analysis of algorithms. This graduate tex


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