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Magazines: The Economist - February 2nd 2008

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Books: Make Your First Million: Ditch the 9-5 and Start the Business of Your Dreams
Martin Webb, 2007

"Thinking of starting your own business? You've come to the right place. Thousands of people take the plunge every year for thousands of different reasons

Books: Quantitative Finance for Physicists An Introduction - Academic Press

With more and more physicists and physics students exploring the possibility of utilizing their advanced math skills for a career in the finance industry, this much-needed book quickly introduces them…

Books: Stock investing for Dummies - Wiley

The stock market has always been a centerpiece of the American financial scene. With a balanced portfolio that includes stocks you can make a relatively quick profit or save for retirementif you know …

Books: Optimization in Economics and Finance: Some Advances in Non-Linear, Dynamic, Multi-Criteria and Stochastic Models

Many optimization questions arise in economics and finance; an important example of this is the society's choice of the optimum state of the economy (the social choice problem). Optimization in Econom…

Books: No Bull Investing - Dearborn Trade Publishing

In his new book, No Bull Investing, Bernstein offers readers an approach to investing that incorporates more than just money. In order to achieve long-term financial success, investors must evaluate w…


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