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Books: Automata-Theoretic Aspects of Formal Power Series
Salomaa A., Soittola M., 1978

Automata-Theoretic Aspects of Formal Power Series

Books: Formal power series and linear systems of meromorphic ordinary differential equations
Balser W., 2000

Simple ordinary differential equations may have solutions in terms of power series whose coefficients grow at such a rate that the series has a radius of convergence equal to zero. In fact, every line…

Books: Formal Methods in Artificial Intelligence
Ramsay A., 1988

Artificial intelligence has recently turned to formal logic in the search for powerful yet well-behaved knowledge representation languages. This book covers the background of classical logic, includin…

Books: Formal Complexity of Natural Language
Savitch W.J., Marsh W., Bach M. (eds.), 1987

Formal Complexity of Natural Language

Books: Syntactic Theory: A Formal Introduction
Sag A.I., Wasow T., 1999

'Syntactic Theory: A Formal Introduction' is unlike any other introductory textbook on the market


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