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Books: Advanced general relativity
Stewart J., 1991

This book is a self-contained introduction to key topics in advance general relativity. The opening chapter reviews the subject, with strong emphasis on the geometric structures underlying the theory.…

Books: Semi-Riemann geometry and general relativity
Sternberg S., 2003

This book represents course notes for a one semester course at the undergraduate level giving an introduction to Riemannian geometry and its principal physical application, Einstein’s theory of genera…

Books: Relativity: an introduction to special and general relativity
Stephani H., 2004

Thoroughly revised and updated, this textbook provides a pedagogical introduction to relativity. It is self-contained, but the reader is expected to have a basic knowledge of theoretical mechanics and…

Books: General relativity and cosmology for undergraduates
Norbury J.W., 1997

Many of the modern ideas in cosmology can be explained without the needto discuss General Relativity. The present chapter represents an attempt to do this based entirely on Newtonian mechanics. The eq…

Books: An advanced course in general relativity
Poisson E., 2002

An advanced course in general relativity

Books: The general theory of quantized fields
Jost R., 1964

This is the fourth of a series of four volumes which are to contain the Proceedings of the Summer Seminar on Applied Mathematics, arranged by the American Mathematical Society and held at the Universi…
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