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Books: Applying generalized linear models
Lindsey J.K., 1997

Applying Generalized Linear Models describes how generalized linear modelling procedures can be used for statistical modelling in many different fields, without becoming lost in problems of statistica…

Books: Generalized least squares
Kariya T., H.Kurata., 2004

Generalised Least Squares adopts a concise and mathematically rigorous approach. It will provide an up-to-date self-contained introduction to the unified theory of generalized least squares estimation…

Books: Generalized inverses: Theory and applications
Ben-Israel A., Greville T., 2002

The field of generalized inverses has grown much since the appearance of the first edition in 1974, and is still growing. This book accounts for these developments while maintaining the informal and l…

Books: Generalized point models in structural mechanics
Andronov I.V., 2002

Generalized point models in structural mechanics

Books: Fitting Statistical Distributions: The Generalized Lambda Distribution and Generalized Bootstrap Methods
Karian Z.A., Dudewicz W.J., 2000

Throughout the physical and social sciences, researchers face the challenge of fitting statistical distributions to their data. Although the study of statistical modeling has made great strides in rec…

Books: Generalized solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations
Rosinger E.E., 1987

During the last few years, several fairly systematic nonlinear theories of generalized solutions of rather arbitrary nonlinear partial differential equations have emerged. The aim of this volume is to…


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