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Books: Practical handbook of genetic algorithms. Complex coding systems (Vol. 3)
Chambers D.L., 1999

Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms, Volume 3: Complex Coding Systems contains computer-code examples for the development of genetic algorithm systems - compiling them from an array of practition…

Books: Genetic Programming. On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection
Koza J.R., 1998

Genetic programming may be more powerful than neural networks and other machine learning techniques, able to solve problems in a wider range of disciplines. In this ground-breaking book, John Koza sho…

Books: Introduction to Genetic Analysis
Grffiths A.J., Gelbart W.M., Wessler S.R., 2004

For nearly three decades, from edition to edition, "An Introduction to Genetic Analysis (IGA) has evolved side by side with genetic research, providing an experiment-based introduction to fundamental …

Books: Data mining using grammar based genetic programming and applications
Wong M.L., Cheung K.S., 2002

Data mining involves the non-trivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, and potentially useful information from databases. Genetic Programming (GP) and Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) are t…

Books: Genetic algorithms + data structures = evolution programs
Michalewicz Z., 1996

Zbigniew Michalewicz's Genetic Algorithms + Data Structures = Evolution Programs has three sections. The first section is a straightforward introduction to genetic algorithms. In the second section, M…

Books: Practical Genetic Algorithms
Haupt R.L., Haupt S.E., 2004

The use of genetic algorithms (GAs) to solve large and often complex computational problems has given rise to many new applications in a variety of disciplines. Practical Genetic Algorithms was the fi…
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