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Books: Geometrical Methods in Physics


Books: The geometrical setting of gauge theories of the Yang-Mills type
Daniel M., Viallet C.M., 1980

The appropriate language for describing the pure Yang-Mills theories is introduced. An elementary but precise presentation of the mathematical tools which are necessary for a geometrical description o…

Books: Geometrical theory of dynamical systems
Berglund N., 2001

This text is a slightly edited version of lecture notes for a course I gave at ETH, during the Winter term 2000-200f, to undergraduate Mathematics and Physics students. The choice of topics covered he…

Books: The collected mathematical papers. Volume 1: geometrical optics
Hamilton W.R., 1931

The collected mathematical papers. Volume 1: geometrical optics

Books: Geometrical optics and optical design
Mouroulis P., MacDonald J., 1996

This book is an up to date, introductory treatment of geometrical optics, from the point of view of the future optics practitioner. The principles of gaussian optics and first-order layout and design …


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