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Books: Graphics Programming With Perl - Manning Publications

Graphics Programming With Perl - Manning Publications

A reference and introduction to graphics programming with Perl and Perl modules that includes simple graphics recipes and techniques for designing flexible graphics software.

Books: Graphics Programming with Perl
Martien Verbruggen, 2002

Graphics Programming with Perl

Welcome to Graphics Programming with Perl. When Manning Publications contacted me to assess my interest in writing a book about graphics programming for the Perl language, I was a bit skeptical at fir…

Books: Graphics gems (vol. 2)
Arvo J., 1995

Graphics gems (vol. 2)

Like its predecessor, Graphics Gems II is written by professional graphics programmers. The tools in this book are immediately helpful in writing programs that are clean, fast, and elegant.

Books: OpenGL Programming Guide
Neider J., Davis T., 1997

OpenGL Programming Guide

The OpenGL graphics system is a software interface to graphics hardware. (The GL stands for GraphicsLibrary.) It allows you to create interactive programs that produce color images of movingthree-dime…

Books: The LaTeX Graphics Companion. Illustrating documents with TeX and PostScript
Goosens M., Rahtz S., Mittelbach F., 1997

The LaTeX Graphics Companion. Illustrating documents with TeX and PostScript

Complementing The Latex Companion, this new graphics companion book addresses one of the most common needs among users of the LaTeX typesetting system: the incorporation of graphics into text. In addi…

Books: Graphics gems (Vol. 4)
Heckbert P.S., 1994

Graphics gems (Vol. 4)

Graphics Gems IV is the newest volume in the Graphics Gems series. All of the books in the series contain practical solutions for graphics problems using the latest techniques in the field. The books …
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