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Books: 3D Game Engine Design. A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics
Eberly D.H., 2000

3D Game Engine Design is the first book to go beyond basic descriptions of algorithms and accurately demonstrate the complex engineering process required to design and build a real-time graphics engin…

Books: Graphics gems (Vol. 3)
Kirk D., 1995

This sequel to Graphics Gems (Academic Press, 1990), and Graphics Gems II (Academic Press, 1991) is a practical collection of computer graphics programming tools and techniques. Graphics Gems III cont…

Books: Color theory and modeling for computer graphics, visualization, and multimedia applications
Levkowitz H., 1997

Color Theory and Modeling for Computer Graphics, Visualization, and Multimedia Applications deals with color vision and visual computing. This book provides an overview of the human visual system with…

Books: Graphics gems (volume 5)
Paeth A.W. (ed.), 1995

Graphics gems (volume 5)

Books: Computer graphics via java
Ferguson I., 2002

This textbook is aimed at the computer science student who, having studied Java, now wishes to understand the fascinating world of computer graphics. Covering all the necessary background maths and wi…

Books: The LaTeX Graphics Companion. Illustrating documents with TeX and PostScript
Goosens M., Rahtz S., Mittelbach F., 1997

Complementing The Latex Companion, this new graphics companion book addresses one of the most common needs among users of the LaTeX typesetting system: the incorporation of graphics into text. In addi…


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