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Books: eLearning and Digital Publishing

Our universities are facing immense pressures from within because of the increase in the ?publish or perishâ„¢ syndrome. There are severe budgetary demands on university libraries attempting to enable a…

Books: Image Analysis: Applications in Materials Engineering?

Book Description Minimizing theoretical background and mathematical formalism, Image Analysis provides basic principles of image acquisition, enhancement, measurements, and interpretation in a very si…

Books: Mathematical Problems in Image Processing: Partial Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations (Applied Mathematical Sciences)?

Partial differential equations (PDEs) and variational methods were introduced into image processing about fifteen years ago. Since then, intensive research has been carried out. The goals of this book…

Books: Visual SourceSafe 2005 Software Configuration Management in Practice

Alexandru Serban, "Visual SourceSafe 2005 Software Configuration Management in Practice"


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