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Books: Concept Design - Design Studio Press

A group of seven concept designers gathered together in Los Angeles to begin work on a new creative experience; to explore new ideas and images apart from their regular design jobs.

Books: The Fundamentals of Creative Design

One of the first titles in this new imprint, Fundamentals of Creative Design offers an introduction to key elements of the creative process. Each subject matter, or ‘fundamental', uses detailed …

Books: Perspective - A Guide for Artists Architects and Designers - Gwen White

This classic study of perspective is an absolute must for any serious students of design, benefiting amateurs and professionals alike. Dozens of examples are illustrated, including parallel, angular, …

Books: Photoshop CS3 For Dummies - Peter Bauer

Photoshop CS3 For Dummies - Peter Bauer> Photoshop CS3 is a powerhouse, and here's the fast and easy way to get up to speed on all the coolest features. This friendly guide helps you get images into P…

Books: Thinking Animation Bridging the Gap Between 2D and CG

Learn how to think before you animate. Thinking Animation is a one-of-a-kind book that emphasizes how artists can use traditional animation techniques and principles with the computer generated animat…

Books: Manga For Dummies - For Dummies

If you love Manga, you'll eat


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