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Books: Gravitation: an introduction to current research
Witten L. (ed.), 1962

This book represents an attempt to describe recent progress in research associated with various features of gravitation as described by the general theory of relativity. The collection of chapters con…

Books: Gravitation
Misner C.W., Thorne K.S., Wheeler J.A., 1971

Put as simply as possible, this is a book on Einstein's theory of gravity (general relativity). It is the first textbook on the subject that uses throughout the modern formalism and notation of differ…

Books: Gravitation and gauge symmetries
Blagojevic M., 2002

— An advanced textbook offering a fresh approach — Covers one of the fundamental problems of modern physics: how to unify gravity with the other forces of nature — Systematic and detailed treatment fo…

Books: Principles of cosmology and gravitation
Berry M., 1976

General relativity and quantum mechanics have become the two central pillars of theoretical physics. General relativity has important applications in astrophysics and high-energy particle physics. Pri…

Books: Three hundred years of gravitation
Hawking S.W., Israel W., 1987

This book contains some of the papers of the world's foremost researchers in cosmology, relativity and particle physics. Here in one volume, the reader can find out about the significant and exciting …

Books: Quantum Gravity, Generalized Theory of Gravitation and Superstring Theory-Based Unification
Kursunoglu B., Mintz S.L., 2002

Held December 16-919, 1999, this proceedings is derived from the Global Foundation Inc.'s Orbis Scientiae 1999. Topics include: cosmological parameters, unifying elementary particle physics, cosmology…
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