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Books: Large N field theories, string theory and gravity
Aharony Ofer, Steven S. Gubser, Juan Maldacena, 1999

Large N field theories, string theory and gravity

We review the holographic correspondence between "eld theories and strin

Magazines: Fantastic Four. (Vol.1. # 550)

Fantastic Four. (Vol.1. # 550)

Reed and Sue team up with the New FF in a desperate gambit to find the source of the disease wracking the fabric of spacetime itself. Only one being can follow such an ineffable trail but a resentful …

Books: Superstrings and other things
Calle C.I., 2001

Superstrings and other things

This guide demonstrates the beauty of physics through explanations about the physical universe. It takes the reader from the basic introductory concepts about motion, energy and gravity, to recent the…

Books: Gauge theories, knots, and gravity
Baez J.C., Muniain J.P., 1994

Gauge theories, knots, and gravity

The book is clearly written and should be accessible to readers who have a good undergraduate preparation in mathematics or physics. Each part of the book ends with a list of references that will enab…

Books: A Unified Grand Tour of Theoretical Physics
Lawrie I.D., 2002

A Unified Grand Tour of Theoretical Physics

A conducted grand tour of the fundamental theories which shape our modern understanding of the physical world. This book covers the central themes of spacetime geometry and the general-relativistic ac…

Books: Theory of cosmological perturbations
Mukhanov V.F., Feldman F. A., Brandenberger R.H., 1992

Theory of cosmological perturbations

We present in a manifestly gauge-invariant form the theory of classical linear gravitational perturbations in part I, and a quantum theory of cosmological perturbations in part II. Part I includes app…


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