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Books: Asymptotic quantization
Ashtekar A., 1987

Asymptotic quantization

Selected topics on quantum gravity are treated emphasizing more geometrical me- methods and conceptual issues than functional analysis, perturbative expansions and computation of numbers, The lirst pa…

Books: Fields
Warren S., 1999


This text is meant to cover all the field theory every high energy theorist should know, but not all that any particular theorist might need to know. It is not meant as an introduction to research, bu…

Books: Particle Physics and Cosmology
Collins P.D.B., Martin A.D., Squires E.J., 1989

Particle Physics and Cosmology

This readable introduction to particle physics and cosmology discusses the interaction of these two fundamental branches of physics and considers recent advances beyond the standard models. Eight chap…

Books: Topology and geometry in physics
Bick E., Steffen F.D., 2005

Topology and geometry in physics

Application of the concepts and methods of topology and geometry have led to a deeper understanding of many crucial aspects in condensed matter physics, cosmology, gravity and particle physics. This b…

Books: Complex general relativity
Esposito G., 2002

Complex general relativity

This volume introduces the application of two-component spinor calculus and fibre-bundle theory to complex general relativity. A review of basic and important topics is presented, such as two-componen…

Books: Smooth Quasigroups and Loops
Sabinin L.V., 1999

Smooth Quasigroups and Loops

This monograph presents the complete theory of smooth quasigroups and loops, as well as its geometric and algebraic applications. Based on a generalisation of the Lie-group theory, it establishes new …


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