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Books: Spin foam models for quantum gravity
Perez A., 2003

In this topical review, we reviewthe present status of the spin foam formulation of non-perturbative (background-independent) quantum gravity. The topical review is divided into two parts. In the firs…

Books: Metric-affine gauge theory of gravity
Hehl F.W., McCrea J.D., Mielke E.W., 1995

Metric-affine gauge theory of gravity

Books: Two dimensional quantum gravity and random surfaces
Gross D.J. (ed.), Piran T. (ed.), Weinberg S. (ed.), 1992

Two dimensional quantum gravity and random surfaces

Books: The generalized schwinger-dewitt technique in gauge theory and quantum gravity
Barvinsky A.O., Vilkovsky G.A., 1984

The article contains a systematic presentation of the covariant diagrammatic technique for the effective action in gauge theories. The Schwinger-DeWitt technique is generalized and converted into a to…

Books: Knots and quantum gravity
Baez J., 1994

Recent work by mathematicians and physicists has uncovered revelatory connections between knot theory and the problem of developing a quantum theory of gravity. This book, the proceedings of a worksho…

Books: Gauge theories, knots, and gravity
Baez J.C., Muniain J.P., 1994

The book is clearly written and should be accessible to readers who have a good undergraduate preparation in mathematics or physics. Each part of the book ends with a list of references that will enab…
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