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Books: Lectures on loop quantum gravity
Thiemann T., 2002

Quantum General Relativity (QGR), sometimes called Loop Quantum Gravity, has matured over the past fifteen years to a mathematically rigorous candidate quantum field theory of the gravitational field.…

Books: The complete book of spaceflight. From apollo 1 to zero gravity
Darling D., 2003

This one-volume encyclopedia divides its coverage of space flight into three areas: biographies of astronauts, rocket scientists, etc.; histories of manned and unmanned space missions; and the science…

Books: Loops, Knots, Gauge Theories and Quantum Gravity
Gambini R., Pullin J., 1996

This text provides a self-contained introduction to applications of loop representations and knot theory in particle physics and quantum gravity. Loop representations (and the related topic of knot th…

Books: Field theory, quantum gravity and strings II
De Vega H.J. (ed.), Sanchez N. (ed.), 1987

Field theory, quantum gravity and strings II

Books: Towards Quantum Gravity
Kowalski-Glikman J. (Ed.), 1999

The aim of this book is to give graduate students an overview of quantum gravity but it also covers related topics from astrophysics. Some well-written contributions can serve as an introduction into …

Books: The gauge treatment of gravity
Ivanenko D., Sardanashvily G., 1983

The gauge gravitation theory, in spite of twenty five years of its history, still remains the single gap in the excellent gauge picture of fundamental interactions. The main disputable point is the ga…


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