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Books: Lectures on nonperturbative canonical gravity
Ashtekar A., Tate R.S., 1991

The purpose of these notes is to present an up to date status report of a program for non-perturbative, canonical quantization of gravity in 3+1 dimensions. A number of the key ideas in the program we…

Books: Spin in Gravity: Is It Possible to Give an Experimental Basis to Torsion?
Bergmann P.G., De Sabbata V., Gillies G.T., 1997

Papers presented at the International School of Cosmology & Gravitation XV Course in Erice, Italy on 13-20 May 1997 discussing the existence & significance or torsion & spin as possible extensions of …

Books: Quantum gravity: an introduction to some recent results
Alvarez E., 1989

This article presents a general overview of the problems involved in the application of the quantum principle to a theory of gravitation. The ultraviolet divergences that appear in any perturbative co…

Books: Large N field theories, string theory and gravity
Aharony Ofer, Steven S. Gubser, Juan Maldacena, 1999

We review the holographic correspondence between "eld theories and strin

Books: Quantum theory of gravity
Christensen S.M., 1984

Quantum theory of gravity

Books: Quantum Gravity
Rovelli C., 2003

Quantum Gravity


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