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Books: A Guide to Quantum Groups
Chari V., Pressley A., 1994

Since they first arose in the 1970s and early 1980s, quantum groups have proved to be of great interest to mathematicians and theoretical physicists. This book gives a comprehensive view of quantum gr…

Books: Classification of the Finite Simple Groups (Vol. 1)
Gorenstein D., Lyons R., Solomon R., 1994

This book offers a single source of basic facts about the structure of the finite simple groups with emphasis on a detailed description of their local subgroup structures, coverings and automorphisms.…

Books: Primitive groups (vol.1)
Manning W.A, 1921

Primitive groups (vol.1)

Books: Differential algebraic groups of finite dimension
Buium A., 1992

Differential algebraic groups of finite dimension

Books: Lectures on exceptional Lie groups
Adams J.F., 1996

J. Frank Adams was internationally known and respected as one of the great algebraic topologists. Adams had long been fascinated with exceptional Lie groups, about which he published several papers, a…

Books: Representation Theory of Lie Groups
Atiyah M., 1979

Representation theory of Lie groups: proceedings of the SR


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