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Books: Quantum Groups and Non Commutative Geometry
Manin Yu., 1988

Quantum Groups and Non Commutative Geometry

Books: Theory of Groups (vol 1)
Kurosh A.G., 1960

Translated from the second Russian edition and with added notes by K.A. Hirsch. Teoriya Grupp by Kurosh was widely acclaimed, in its first edition, as the first modern text on the general theory of gr…

Books: Characteristic Classes and the Cohomology of Finite Groups
Thomas C., 1986

The purpose of this book is to study the relation between the representation ring of a finite group and its integral cohomology by means of characteristic classes. In this way it is possible to extend…

Books: Quantum Groups
Kassel C., 1995

This book provides an introduction to the theory of quantum groups with emphasis on the spectacular connections with knot theory and on Drinfeld's recent fundamental contributions. The first part pres…

Books: Quantum Groups in Two-Dimensional Physics
Gomez C., Ruiz-Altaba M., Sierra G., 1995

This book is an introduction to integrability and conformal field theory in two dimensions using quantum groups. The book begins with a brief introduction to S-matrices, spin chains and vertex models …

Books: Quantum Groups and Their Representations
Klimyk A., Schmudgen K., 1998

This book provides a detailed treatment of the most important quantum groups and q-deformed algebras, as well as their representations and co-representations. Many applications in mathematical and the…


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