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Books: Classical mechanics. Systems of particles and hamiltonian dynamics
Greiner W., 2003

The series of texts on Classical Theoretical Physics is based on the highly successful series of courses given by Walter Greiner at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.…

Books: On Hamiltonian reductions of the Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten theories
Feher L., O'Raifeartaigh L., Ruelle P., 1992

The structure of Hamiltonian symmetry reductions of the Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten (WZNW) theories by first class Kac-Moody (KM) constraints is analysed in detail. Lie algebraic conditions are given f…

Books: Metamorphoses of Hamiltonian systems with symmetries
Efstathiou K., 2005

Modern notions and important tools of classical mechanics are used in the study of concrete examples that model physically significant molecular and atomic systems. The parametric nature of these exam…

Books: Hamiltonian Dynamics - Theory and Applications
Benettin G., Henrard J., Kuksin S., 2005

This volume compiles three series of lectures on applications of the theory of Hamiltonian systems, contributed by some of the specialists in the field. The aim is to describe the state of the art for…

Books: Stochasticity in classical Hamiltonian systems: universal aspects
Escande D.F., 1985

This review presents universal aspects of stochasticity of simple A.5- or 2-degree-of-freedom) Hamiltonian systems. Stochasticity the seemingly erratic wandering of orbits of non-integrable Hamiltonia…

Books: Hamiltonian form of the path integral for theories with a gauge freedom
Henneaux M., 1984

The Hamiltonian form of the path integral for theories with a gauge freedom is reviewed along the lines developed by Batalin, Fradkin and Vilkovisky. The formalism, which can be applied to gauge theor…
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