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Books: History of the theory of numbers. Volume 1: divisibility and primality
Dickson L.E., 1952

History of the theory of numbers. Volume 1: divisibility and primality

Books: A brief history of mathematics
Fink K., 1903

A brief history of mathematics; an authorized translation of Dr. Karl Fink's "Geschichte der elementar-mathematik".

Books: A brief history of time
Hawking S., 1996

Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists in history, wrote the modern classic A Brief History of Time to help nonscientists understand the questions being asked by scientists …

Books: History of light and color
Johnston S.F., 2001

This book is about how light was made to count. It explores a seeminglysimple question: How was the brightness of light—casually judged by everyonebut seldom considered a part of science before the 20…

Books: It doesn
Malone J., 2002

An enlightening survey of the mavericks, misfits, and unschooled investigators who have been responsible for some of the greatest scientific discoveries in history. Explains the achievements of each o…

Books: Lie groups: history, frontiers and applications (volume 2)
Nolan Wallach, Robert Hermann, 1975

This is a translation of "Methodes de calcul differential absolu et leurs applications," by G. Ricci and T. Levi-Civita, Mathematische Annalen, vol. 54 A900). This memoire is one of the most influenti…


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