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Books: The Bit and the Pendulum. From Quantum Computing to M Theory—The New Physics of Information
Siegfried T., 2000

Will it be possible in the twenty-first century to teleport objects from one place to another? Will superfast quantum computers usher in an even more powerful second computer revolution? Is our univer…

Books: Statistical physics of spin glasses and information processing
Nishimori H., 2001

Spin glasses are magnetic materials. Statistical mechanics, a subfield of physics, has been a powerful tool to theoretically analyse various unique properties of spin glasses. This book provides the r…

Books: Information theory and statistical mechanics
Jaynes E.T., 1963

Information theory and statistical mechanics

Books: Information theory and statistical mechanics II
Jaynes E.T., 1957

Information theory and statistical mechanics II

Books: Information theory, inference, and learning algorithms
MacKay D.J.C., 2003

Information theory and inference, often taught separately, are hereunited in one entertaining textbook. These topics lie at the heart ofmany exciting areas of contemporary science and engineering -com…

Books: Entropy and information theory
Gray R.M., 1990

Entropy and information theory
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