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Books: Quantum Information Theory and Applications to Quantum Cryptography
Papadakos N.P., 2001

Classical and quantum information theory are simply explained. To be more specific it is clarified why Shannon entropy is used as measure of classical information and after a brief review of quantum m…

Books: Course Information for Physics 219/Computer Science 219 Quantum Computation (Formerly Physics 229)
Preskill J., 2000

There is no required textbook. Much of the material in the course is based on quite recent research that has not yet appeared in any book. Many relevant research articles can be accessed through the q…

Books: Information theory
Ash R.B., 1965

Analysis of channel models and proof of coding theorems

Books: Principles of quantum computation and information (Vol. 1. Basic concepts)
Benenti G., Casati G., Strini G.

This book is addressed to undergraduate and graduate students in physics, mathematics and computer science. It is written at a level comprehensible to readers with the background of a student near to …

Books: Information Theory. Structural Models for Qualitative Data
Krippendorff K., 1986

Information theory always has the dual appeal of bringing important concepts to the study of communication in society, and of providing a calculus for information flows within systems. This book intro…

Books: Information theory and statistics
Kullback S., 1978

Highly useful text studies the logarithmic measures of information and their application to testing statistical hypotheses. Topics include introduction and definition of measures of information, their…


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