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Books: Intelligent image processing
Mann S., 2002

Intelligent Image Processing describes the EyeTap technology that allows non-invasive tapping into the human eye through devices built into eyeglass frames. This isn't merely about a computer screen i…

Books: Intelligent multimedia interfaces
Maybury M.T., 1993

This collection of original contributions reports on key advances in intelligent (knowledge-based) user interfaces that exploit multiple media - text, graphics, maps - and multiple modalities - visual…

Books: Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Foreign Language Learning
Swartz M.L., Yazdani M., 1991

This volume presents the proceedings of an international workshop held for a multidisciplinary group of researchers involved in intelligent tutoring systems research for language learning. The papers …

Books: Socially intelligent agents. Creating relationships with computers and robots
Dautehnahn K., Bond A.H., Canamero L., 2002

The field of Socially Intelligent Agents (SIA) is a fast growing and increasingly important area that comprises highly active research activities and strongly interdisciplinary approaches. Socially In…

Books: Intelligent tutoring systems
Sleeman D., Brown J.S., 1988

The first volume to appear on this topic and now a classic in the field, "Intelligent Tutoring Systems" provides the reader with descriptions of the major systems implemented before 1981. The introduc…

Books: Intelligent vision systems for industry
Batchelor B.G., Whelan P.F., 1997

Machine vision is a relatively new technology, which has much to offer manufacturing industry in improving product quality and safety, as well as enhancing process efficiency and operational safety. M…
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