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Books: Data Structures in Java - A Laboratory Course

Data Structures in Java: A Laboratory Course defines active learning. With sixteen labs to choose from, this laboratory manual creates a learn by doing experience for its students by engaging them in …

Books: Wireless J2ME Platform Programming - Prentice Hall

The authoritative tutorial for wireless J2ME application developers.

Books: Effective Java Programming Language Guide

Written for the working Java developer, Joshua Bloch's

Books: From Java to Ruby - Pragmatic Bookshelf

As a development team, you want to be productive. You want to write flexible, maintainable web applications. You want to use Ruby and Rails. But can you justify the move away from established platform…

Books: Java Servlet Programming

Java servlets offer a fast, powerful, portable replacement for CGI scripts.

Books: Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0

As many Java developers and IS managers already know, Sun's powerful Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) technology offers an attractive option for developing server-side components. A suitable read for both ma…


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