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Books: SCJP Exam with JS2E

Best selling author, Paul Sanghera, offers cohesive, concise, yet comprehensive coverage of all the topics included in the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 exam (CX 310-055). With a laser sharp foc…

Books: Advanced Java Networking - Prentice Hall

Advanced Java Networking, an excellent introduction to sockets, RMI, IDL/CORBA, JDBC, and other APIs surveys all the ways to create state-of-the-art server-side solutions with Java. If you're a develo…

Books: Beginning POJOs From Novice to Professional - Apress

Beginning POJOs introduces you to open source lightweight web development using Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) and the tools and frameworks that enable this. Tier by tier, this book guides you through…

Books: The Definitive Guide to Stellent Content Server Development- Apress

The Definitive Guide to Stellent Content Server Development is the most complete book available for this Enterprise Content Management application. It gives an introduction to Content Management, foll…

Books: Bitter EJB - Manning

In Bitter EJB, Bruce Tate and his co-authors continue the entertaining and engaging writing style of relating true-life adventure sport experiences to antipattern themes established in Bruce's first b…

Books: Introduction to Java and Software Design - Jones'Bartlett

Introduction to Java and Software Design breaks the current paradigms for teaching Java and object-oriented programming in a first year programming course. The Dale author team has developed a unique …


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