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Books: Introduction to Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Edelstein H.A., 1999

A readable introduction aimed at business users who want a clear,non-technical overview of the techniques and capabilities of datamining. A valuable educational tool for prospective users of thisexcit…

Books: Foundations of Risk Analysis-a Knowledge and Decision-Oriented Perspective
Aven A., 2003

BRAND NEW HARDBACK Height= 9.4, Width = 6.5 inches. Everyday we face decisions that carry an element of risk and uncertainty. The ability to analyse, communicate and control the level of risk entailed…

Books: Heuristic and optimization for knowledge discovery
Sarker R.A., Abbass H.A., Newton C.S., 2002

With the large amount of data stored by many organizations, capitalists have observed that this information is an intangible asset. Unfortunately, handling large databases is a very complex process an…

Books: The semantic web. A guide to the future of XML, web services, and knowledge management
Daconta M.S., Obrst L.J., Smith K.T., 2003

* "The Semantic Web is an extension of the current Web in which information is given* well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation."-Tim Berners-Lee, Scientific Am…

Books: Advanced Methods for Inconsistent Knowledge
Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, 2007

The need for resolution of knowledge inconsistency arises in many practical applications of computer systems. This kind of inconsistency results from the use of various resources of knowledge in reali…

Books: The enterprise of knowledge
Levi I., 1980

This major work challenges some widely held positions in epistemology - those of Peirce and Popper on the one hand and those of Quine and Kuhn on the other. The author contends that epistemological in…
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