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Books: Procedural Reflection in Programming Languages (vol.1)
Smith B.C., 1982

We show how a computational system can be constructed to "reason", effectively and consequentially, about its own inferential processes. The analysis proceeds in two parts. First, we consider the gene…

Books: Concepts of programming languages
Sebesta R.W., 2001

he fifth edition of Concepts of Programming Languages by Robert Sebesta continues the approach that has made it the undisputed market leader. It describes fundamental concepts of programming languages…

Books: Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation
Hopcroft J.E., Motwani R., Ullman J.D., 2001

This book is a rigorous exposition of formal languages and models of computation, with an introduction to computational complexity. The authors present the theory in a concise and straightforward mann…

Books: Problem solving in automata, languages, and complexity
Ding-Zhu D., Ker-I K., 2001

Automata and natural language theory are topics lying at the heart of computer science. Both are linked to computational complexity and together, these disciplines help define the parameters of what c…

Books: Persuasive Imagery: A Consumer Response Perspective

This vol. synthesizes & advances existing knowledge of consumer response to visuals using an interdisciplinary perspective. For those interested in consumer psych, advertising, mktg, visual comm.

Books: Medical English?

This book is an introduction to the vast topic of medical English. It will not only help you to improve your English, but is also an introduction to the world of medical jargon. It is intended to help…
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