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Books: Learning LaTeX by doing
Heck A., 2002

Learning LaTeX by doing

Books: Learning and soft computing. Support vector machines, neural networks, and fuzzy logic models
Kecman V., 2001

This textbook provides a thorough introduction to the field of learning from experimental data and soft computing. Support vector machines (SVM) and neural networks (NN) are the mathematical structure…

Books: Information theory, inference, and learning algorithms
MacKay D.J.C., 2003

Information theory and inference, often taught separately, are hereunited in one entertaining textbook. These topics lie at the heart ofmany exciting areas of contemporary science and engineering -com…

Books: Learning METAPOST by doing
Heck A., 2003

Learning METAPOST by doing

Books: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. Learning with Python
Downey A., Elkner J., Meyers C., 2002

"How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python" is anintroduction to computer science using the Python programminglanguage. It covers the basics of computer programming, includingvariab…

Books: Learning Kernel Classifiers. Theory and Algorithms
Herbrich R., 2002

Linear classifiers in kernel spaces have emerged as a major topic within the field of machine learning. The kernel technique takes the linear classifier — a limited, but well-established and comprehen…
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