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Books: Corrections to Introduction to Smooth Manifolds (version 3.0)
Lee J.M., 2001

Corrections to Introduction to Smooth Manifolds (version 3.0)

Books: Hacking linux exposed: linux security secrets
Hatch B., Lee J., Kurtz G., 2001

If you have a vulnerable computer attached to the BIG BAD INTERNET, sooner or later your box will be compromised. Notice I prefer the term compromised to hacked. Hacking is a benign activity. You hack…

Books: Nontopological solitons
Lee T. D., Pang Y., 1992

Nontopological solitons are stable hounu state solutions whose boundary condition at infinity is the same as that tor the physical vacuum state. They exist in classical, as well as quantum mechanical,…

Books: Tunneling without barriers in curved spacetime
Lee K., 1986

The evolution in curved space-time of quantum fields in theories with relatively flat potentials is considered. It is known that bubble nucleation, a quantum mechanical tunnelling process, may occur i…


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