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Books: Situations, language and logic
Fenstad J.E., 1987

Situations, language and logic

Books: Natural language understanding and logic programming
Dahl V., Saint-Dizier P., 1991

Natural language parsing was one of the main motivations from which Prolog was developed Metamorphosis grammars, designed by Alain Colmerauer at GIA Marseille, was the first logic-based formalism for …

Books: Finite automata, format logic, and circuit complexity
Straubing H., 1994

The study of the connections between mathematical automata and formal logic is as old as theoretical computer science itself. In the founding paper of the subject, published in 1936, Turing showed how…

Books: Is quantum logic really logic?
Gardner M.R., 1971

Putnam and Finkelstein have proposed the abandonment of distributivity in the logic of quantum theory. This change results from defining the connectives, not truth- functionally, but in terms of a cer…


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