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Books: Molecular devices and machines : a journey into the nanoworld
Balzani V., Credi A., Venturi M., 2002

The miniaturization of bulky devices and machines is a process that confronts us on a daily basis. However, nanoscale machines with varied and novel characteristics may also result from the enlargemen…

Books: Learning and soft computing. Support vector machines, neural networks, and fuzzy logic models
Kecman V., 2001

This textbook provides a thorough introduction to the field of learning from experimental data and soft computing. Support vector machines (SVM) and neural networks (NN) are the mathematical structure…

Books: Speech and language-based interaction with machines: towards the conversational computer
Waterworth J.A., Talbot M., 1987

This book has its origins in a programme of work conducted at British Telecom Research Laboratories, aimed at developing easily usable, intelligent systems, based on human-computer interaction via spo…

Books: Abstract State Machines. A Method for High-Level System Design and Analysis
Borger E., Stark S., 2003

This book combines the features of a textbook and a handbook Researchers will find here the most comprehensive description of ASMs available today and professionals will use it as a "modeling handbook…

Books: Abstract State Machines. Solution to Exercises
Borger E., Stark S., 2003

Abstract State Machines. Solution to Exercises


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